Paddlette Co. announces another hot new innovation to our model PK-1. Our engineers added a "stiffener" to the original PK-1 making it better than ever. We believe that this is the finest iambic key we have made yet! Click HERE for more information!


We still offer the miniature, single lever paddle key, Model PK-2 as well. Like the iambic paddle keys (PK-1 and BP), the PK-2 employs a simple, straightforward design with only one moving part. Built for longtime "bug" users enables the user to send clean, fully automatic Morse without having to master 2 paddle iambic keying technique.

The Paddlette Co. is pleased to announce two new products for use with the ultra-portable Elecraft ( Model K1 transeiver. The first is a customized Model BP paddle key to be called Model BP-K1. It will mount directly to the K1 tilt stand.

The second is an adapter plate which will permit mounting either of our standard paddle keys (Models PK-1 or BP) on the K1 tilt stand be merely engaging the magnetic bottom of the key with a mating magnet bonded to the adapter plate. The adapter plate will be called simply "K1 adapter plate".

The Paddlette Company was founded by Robert Hammond, a Ham radio operator since 1936 (call sign KI7VY). Paddlette Co. is a small Northwest manufacturer specializing in high performance, top quality miniature paddle keys and iambic keyers for mobile and QRP operators.

The product line includes 3 models of apddle keys, 2 knee mounts, a 12 function keyer and a 12 function combination paddle key/keyer. All are lightweight, rugged adn reliable, ideal for mobile and back-packing operation. These 7 products are described in detail in the pages that follow, or click here for a complete product listing.

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