The improved PK-1 is a miniature iambic paddle key that performs like the big ones minus the bulk, weight and big price tag. It features partial reed stiffeners which reduce paddle overtravel by over 90% without increasing operating force. It is very rugged, reliable and employs a simple straightforward design that holds its adjustment for months on end. With a tiny 1" x 1.75" footprint and total weight of 1.6 ounces it is the ideal key for mobile operating. An operational knee mount is available where a flat operating surface may not be available. See model KM1. Click here for more details.

From the adjacent sketch it will be the point of contact of the .042 section "B" with center contact "C" becomes a fulcrum about whcih the .042"stiffened section tries to bend when force in exces of that required to close the contact is applied. However, such bending or overtravel is virtually impossible due to the 18x stiffness factor. The result is a crisper tactile feel which enhances high speed sending and improves performance in both iambic and straight modes.

The normal 1/2 ounce operating force (measured at paddles) is unchanged, since it is governed solely by the unstiffened .016" section "A".

Thus a major improvement has been made on an already fine paddle key without compromising its inherent simplicity and reliability in any way.

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