Paddlette Co. announces a new, miniature, single lever paddle key, Model PK-2. Like their iambic paddle keys (PK-1 and BP), the PK-2 employs a simple, straightforward design with only one moving part. The base is machined from a solid block of PVC and all metal parts including hardware are solid brass. Machining tolerances are as close as .001".

Its footprint is only 1" x 3/4" and weighs a mere 2 ounces. 56 pitch brass slotted head gap adjust screws with machined ends change gap just 1.5 mils for 30 rotation. For example, to set the "dit" gap to 6 mils, rotate "did" adjust screw CW until a string of dits is heard. Visualize the screw slot as the hour hand of a clock. If it points to 5 o'clock rotate screw CCW until it points to 1 o'clock (120). Contact gap will now be 6 mils (.006"). Thus the PK-2 gaps may be set very accurately without the use of flimsy feeler gauges.

The PK-2 has a built-in RFI filter, 3 foot key line and magnetic bottom with mating, adhesive backed magnet plus a spare for a second operating site. Included is a third magnet which, attached to either side, allows it to be used as a straight key. An optional knee mount is also available for mobile or field use.

For long time "bug" users, this tiny, high quality key, used with a keyer, enables them to send clean, fully automatic Morse without having to master 2 paddle iambic keying technique. There's really nothing new to learn!

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