This tiny paddle key weighs just 1 oz. and comes complete with knee mount and a sturdy polypropylene carrying case. It employs the same basic design as the larger PK-1 and is equally rugged. It was designed to meet the needs of QRP backpackers and it shows in its diminutive size, weight, and ruggedness.

  • Tiny, PVC base only 3/4" x 1 1/4"
  • Flyweight: a mere 1.0 ounce includig key line
  • Foolproof design, only one moving part per paddle
  • Fine pitch gap adjust screws for precise settting of contact gap. 20 degree rotation changes gap only .001".
  • Built in RFI filter
  • Solid brass and stainless steel throughout.
  • 3 foot strain relieved key line with stripped and tinned ends
  • Large comfortable paddles
  • Hex adjustment key stores conveniently in base.
  • Convertible to straight key by using adapter furnished with key.
  • Comes complete with Knee Mount and storage case, also available as Key only.
  • Magnetic bottom and mating, adhesive backed magnetic plates for positive hold down on bench or knee mount.


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