The Model BP-K1 is our sub-miniature backpacker paddle key with a sturdy, powder coated aluminum bottom measuring " x 2 1/4" in place of the 1" x 1 1/4" magnetic bottom used on the standard BP.

A .196" diameter hole, 3/8" in from the free end, is provided for a #10-32 thumbscrew used to attach the BP-K1 directly to the tilt stand.*

The key may be swiveled to the right or left to accommodate right or left handed operators. The BP-K1 is furnished with neither knee mount or carrying case, hence the price is only $45.50 instead of $54.00 for the standard Model BP. Add $3.00 for shipping and handling.

K1 adapter plate: For hams who already have a PK-1 or BP key, or who plan to buy one for general use as well as for K1 use, we offer a sturdy, powder coated aluminum plate measuring 1" x 2 ". It too has a .196 diameter hole 3/8" in from the free end for fastening the adapter plate to the K1 tilt stand.

A 1" x 1 " magnetic plate is bonded to the opposite end of the plate. This will mate with the magnetic bottom of either key, holding it firmly in place for keying. To remove the key, merely lift it off the magnet. The adapter plate may be swiveled right of left to accommodate right or left handed operators. Price of the adapter is $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping and handling. If ordered with either key, however, there is no shipping and handling charge.

* Note: Two different versions of the K1 optional tilt stand have been sold. The latest includes a tapped #10-32 hole near the front center of the bracket. If you have one of the older units, you'll need to drill and tap #10-32 yourself (#21 tap drill, .159 dia.) or press in a PEM nut. An alternative would be to drill a clearance hole for #10 screw (#9 drill, .196 dia) and use a nut under the bracket to secure the paddle key.

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