Sometimes small is better! Especially when you are talking about items that really require a craftsman's touch and the know-how to do it right. Here at Paddlette, we understand the importance of quality and performance; that is why we offer only paddle-keys and keyers constructed of the finest materials, hand built for a lifetime of use.

The Newly Improved Model PK-1, a high quality, precision built miniature paddle key which is rugged enough for the most demanding field use. Performance-wise, the PK-1 can hold its own against larger, more complex keys at a fraction of the cost to the user. Serves equally well in base station, mobile, or QRP applications. An optional knee mount (KM-1) is ideal for mobile and field use.
The Model KM-1. Designed as an accessory to the PK-1 paddle key, the KM-1 is light weight, rugged and easy to use. It is ideal for mobile and field use wher a smooth, flat surface on wh ich to place the key is not always available.

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